Abstract 94
Pavlíček, T., Csuzdi, Cs. and Coşkun, Y. 2009: First earthworm records in Mesopotamia (Oligochaetae). Zoology in the Middle East 48: 119-120.
In Mesopotamia, one would expect the presence of a rich autochthonous earthworm fauna especially in the mountainous regions characterised by abundant winter precipitations, and on banks of rivers and other permanent water sources. However, no records about earthworms were available up to now neither from the Turkish, Iraqi, Iranian or Syrian parts of Mesopotamia (see Csuzdi et al. 2006 for details). This lack of data prevents, among others, the understanding of the faunal connections between different zoogeographic units in the Middle East (Mısırlıoğlu et al. 2008), and the use of earthworms as biomarkers of soil diversity and soil fertility in the region. We chose the Diyarbakır region (Upper Mesopotamia) in Turkey as a starting point to explore earthworm biodiversity in Mesopotamia because, in our opinion, there should be a similarity between the autochthonous earthworm fauna of this region and the one of the rest of Mesopotamia.