Abstract 93
Csuzdi, Cs. and Pavlíček, T., 2009: New records of earthworms from Guadeloupe with description of a new species (Oligochaeta: Glossoscolecidae, Acanthodrilidae, Megascolecidae and Eudrilidae). Opusc. Zool. Budapest 40(1): 9-15.
A small earthworm material from Guadeloupe Islands (French West-Indies) was studied. Altogether 14 earthworm species were collected, 12 of which are common tropical peregrine. On the other hand, two seem to be endemic in the islands. One of these native species, Eutrigaster (Graffia) musciphila (James, 1996) is reported for the first time after the original description, the other, Periscolex nevoi sp. nov. is proved to be new to science.