Abstract 75
Chikatunov, V. and Pavlíček, T. 2007: Passandridae (Coleoptera), a beetle family newly established in the Levant. Zool. Middle East 40: 111-112.
Most tropical flat bark beetles (family Passandridae) are considered to be ectoparasites of wood boring beetles and Hymenoptera as larvae (BURCKHARDT & SLIPINSKI 2003). The species Passandra oblongicollis (Fairmaire, 1886) (Fig. 1) has been known from Ethiopia, South Africa, Chad, Saudi Arabia and Yemen (ibid.). It is probably not a coincidence that this species has recently been recorded in the Arava Valley which is part of the Afro-Syrian Rift Valley and one of the warmest desert places in Israel. The beetles were attracted to UV light and were sorted out from decayed wood found in the inner part of Acacia raddiana branches.