Abstract 61
Kononova, S. V., Pavlíček, T. and Nevo, E. 2005. New species of the egg-eaters of the genus Gryon (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae) from Israel. Zoologichesky Zhurnal, 84(11): 1353-1360.
Descriptions of new species of the genus Gryon (G. argus, G. oxitomum, G. semirufum, G. brevior, G. oligomerum) are given. Gryon argus is similar to G. coronatum Kononova, but differs in abdomen proportions (the length is equal to the width of abdomen), the presence of longitudinal wrinkle at the base of both mesothorax and the second abdominal tergite, and coloration of antennae (only five apical segments are dark-brown,,the rest are yellow). Gryon oxitomum is similar to G. semirufum and is distinguished by transversal abdomen, shortened postmarginal vein (postmarginal vein in G. oxitomum is 3 times longer that stigmal one; in G. semirufum, 2.1 times longer), and coloration of antennae (G. oxitomum has 5 dark-brown apical segments, the rest ones are yellow; in G. semirufum, only basic segment is yellow, while the rest are brown). Gryon semirufum differs from G. oxitomum in the shape of body, sculpture of head, forewing venation, and color of antennae. Gryon brevior is close to G. superbum Kononova but differs from it in the sculpture of the head (frontal impression is not covered with lines; occiput is without arched wrinkles), that of mesothorax without longitudinal wrinkles at the base, and the presence of transversal dark stripes on forewings, and the length of the postmarginal vein (it is twice as long as stigmal vein). Gryon oligomerum is distinguishing by the body shape, structure of head (the head is semicircular from above, round at the front, impression in the forehead is deep). Forewings are with a dark spot in the area of veins.