Abstract 57
Chikatunov, V. and Pavlíček, T. 2005: Leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of the west and southwest slopes in the Israeli part of the Hermon Mountains. In: Konstatinov, A., Tishechkin, A. and Penev, L. (eds.): Contributions to Systematics and Biology of Beetles. Papers celebrating the 80th birthday of Igor Konstantinovich Lopatin. Pensoft, Sofia-Moscow. 450 pp.
The leaf beetle fauna (131 species) of the west and southwest facing slopes within the Israeli part of the Hermon mountain range is composed chiefly of species of the mesic Levant (26 species, = 19.8% of all species), of Asiatic species (i.e., species distributed only in Asia, excluding the ones confined inside of the Levant province; 31 species, = 23.7% of all species), of Euro–Asiatic species (18 species, = 13.7% of all species) and of Palearctic species (26 species, = 19.8% of all species). Only one endemic species was recorded from the Hermon (Cryptocephalus nigellus Lopatin et Chikatunov). As a matter of fact, only a little affinity with the fauna of the Sahara-Syrian desert belt and of sub-Saharan Africa was found. The number of species of the Mediterranean woodland and shrubland zone (altitude < 1300 m, 30 species) seems to be significantly inferior to that recorded in the montane forest zone (altitude from 1300 to 1799 m, 93 species) and in the subalpine tragacanthic steppe vegetation zone (altitude > 1799 m, 85 species). It cannot be excluded however that this pattern is biased by the sampling method used. The recorded leaf beetles from the Hermon belong to the following ten subfamilies: Orsodacninae (1 species), Zeugophorinae (1 species), Criocerinae (4 species), Clytrinae (13 species), Cryptocephalinae (16 species), Chrysomelinae (11 species), Galerucinae (6 species), Alticinae (76 species), Hispinae (2 species), and Cassidinae (1 species).