Abstract 52
Lopatin, I., Chikatunov, V. and Pavlíček, T. 2003: Catalogue of the beetles (Coleoptera) in Israel and adjacent areas: 3. Chrysomelidae (without Alticinae). Zool. Middle East 28: 87-112.
This catalogue of leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) without the Alticinae lists 204 species recorded from Israel and adjacent areas. All these species belong to the subfamilies Donacinae (2 species), Orsodacninae (1 species), Zeugophorinae (1 species), Criocerinae (6 species), Clytrinae (58 species), Cryptocephalinae (56 species), Eumolpinae (8 species), Chrysomelinae (33 species), Galerucinae (22 species), Hispinae (3 species), and Cassidinae (14 species). 84% or 171 species were collected from localities within Israel. The primary sources of data forming the basis of this catalogue were the beetle collection preserved in the National Insect Collection in Tel Aviv University, Israel, the beetle collection of I. Lopatin and published records. The catalogue also includes information on the distribution of the listed species in Israel and the Levant, and, if known, on their host plants as well.