Abstract 48
Przybos, E., Nevo, E. and Pavlíček, T. 2002: Distribution of species of the Paramecium aurelia complex in Israel. Acta Protozoologica 41: 293-295.
The paper concerns the finding of a new habitat (Kiryat Motzkin, north of Haifa, Israel) of Parameciumtredecaurelia from the P. aurelia complex. This is only the forth known locality of the species in the world. Previously, its strains were obtained from widely separated localities: the River Seine, Paris, France; Benenitra, Madagascar, and the Cuernavaca Valley, Taxco, Mexico. The studied strain originating from Israel was identified as P. tredecaurelia on the basis of the strong (90%) conjugation between the complementary mating type of the examined clones with the appropriate standard strain 209 of P. tredecaurelia from Paris, France (restricted to odd mating type). However, the strain from Israel is restricted to the even mating type.