Abstract 37
Volkovitsh, M., Pavlíček, T., Chikatunov, V. and Nevo, E. 2000: Species diversity and microsite divergence of insects at "Evolution Canyon", Lower Nahal Oren, Mt. Carmel, Israel (Coleoptera: Buprestidae). Zool. Middle East 20: 125-136.
Local differences in species richness and abundance of buprestid beetles were studied at the microsite "Evolution Canyon", Lower Nahal Oren, Mt. Carmel, Israel, a model conceived for studying biodiversity evolution in a microcosm of life in nature. 39 species were collected at the microsite, and species richness was higher on the more arid and microclimatically stressful and variable south-facing slope than on the milder, more humid and relatively homogeneous north-facing slope. The interslope differences in abundance were significant in five species. New larval host plants were added for nine species, as well as new data about the regional distribution of buprestid beetles. The results support earlier conclusions in various groups of organisms across phylogeny.