Abstract 3
Pavlíček, T. and Houšková, L. 1989: The problem of survival of Carabidae (Coleoptera) in the agricultural landscape of Southern Moravia. Scripta Fac. Sci. Nat. Univ. Brun. 19(5-6): 229-238.
The paper summarizes the results of the evaluation of the importance of a small artificially planted windbreak in an intensely cultivated agricultural landscape as a refuge of the original species of Carabidae. The basis is the comparison of synusiae of these Coleoptera of two different habitats — an ecologically more stable windbreak and an unstable field, by means of the diversity index, body size, presence and type of wings and data about some ecological requirements of the species found. In the windbreak no stenotopic species were found, only eurytopic — characteristic of mixed and deciduous forests. They were not found in the field. In the windbreak the individual size groups are more regularly represented, unlike the situation in the field, there also occur species incapable of flying, whereas in the field macropterous species prevail completely.