Abstract 28
Harry, M., Rashkovetsky, E., Pavlíček, T., Baker, S., Derzhavets, E. M., Capy, P., Cariou, M. L., Lachaise, D., Asada, N. and Nevo, E. 1999: Fine-scale biodiversity of Drosophilidae in "Evolution Canyon" at the Lower Nahal Oren microsite, Israel. Biologia 54: 685-705.
The patterns of microscale biodiversity differentiation in fruit flies were studied at "Evolution Canyon", Lower Nahal Oren, Mt. Carmel, Israel. In all, 9 species were found at the microsite. Species richness per sample and total sample abundance were higher on the more stressful and climatically fluctuating south-facing slope (SFS) compared with the mild and less climatically stressful north-facing slope (NFS). Two sibling species, Drosophila simulans and D. melanogaster were found temporally quasi-exclusive, but a few hybrid males were found. Significant interslope gene differences were found in Zaprionus tuberculatus and D. simulans. They corroborated our previous results showing significant interslope differences in mutation and recombination rate, behavioral variability, adaptive complexes, fluctuating asymmetry, and mate choice. We were able to demonstrate the complex pattern of differences on the taxonomic, genetic, morphological, and behavioral levels of biodiversity at a distance of only 100 m. The main differentiating cause seems to be microclimate selection that overcomes the homogenizing effect of migration.