Abstract 15
Chikatunov, V. and Pavlíček, T. 1997: Catalog of the beetles (Coleoptera) in Israel and adjacent areas: 1. Scarabaeoidea. Klapalekiana 33: 37-65.
A catalogue is presented covering the scarabaeoid beetles of Israel and adjacent areas. In summary, we catalogued 386 species belonging to the families Lucanidae, Trogidae, Geotrupidae, Ochodaeidae, Hybosoridae, Glaphyridae and Scarabaeidae. Sixty three percent (242 species) of mentioned species were collected from stated locality within Israel. The work was done by checking the rich material preserved at the Zoological Museum, Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel and published data. For each species is included information about its global and local distribution, and its relative abundance in Israel by the authors' opinion.