Abstract 133
Szederjesi, T., Pavlíček, T., Márton, O., Krísik, V. and Csuzdi, Cs., 2019: Integrative taxonomic revision of Dendrobaena veneta (Rosa, 1886) sensu lato with description of a new species and resurrection of Dendrobaena succinta (Rosa, 1905) (Megadrili: Lumbricidae). Journal of Natural History 2019: 56 (5,6): 301-314.
Dendrobaena veneta is one of the most widely used compost worms now distributed all over Europe and has been described under several synonymous names. Besides the typical stripy red specimens, another form bearing pinkish pigmentation also exists, mostly found in natural habitats in the East Mediterranean. Here we provide the first integrative taxonomic analysis of D. veneta, including some closely related species. Both the morphological and molecular results highly support the resurrection of D. succinta, a former synonym of D. veneta. In addition, we describe a peculiar new species, D. karacadagi sp. n. from Anatolia, and prove the highly homoplasious character of the cross section of the longitudinal musculature.