Abstract 132
Szederjesi, T., Pavlíček, T. and Csuzdi, Cs., 2019: New earthworm records from several Indian Ocean islands. Opuscula zoologica 50(2): 145-155.
Elaboration of the earthworm material collected on the Seychelles, Mauritius, Réunion, Mayotte and Sri Lanka islands resulted in recording 20 species altogether. Among them, the ocnerodrilid Maheina braueri (Michaelsen, 1897) endemic to Mahé (Seychelles) and the megascolecid Nellogaster bahli (Stephenson, 1925) endemic to Sri Lanka were reported for the first time since their original description. The material also contained some enigmatic juvenile specimens from Mayotte, most resembling the genus Diporochaeta.