Abstract 129
Csuzdi, Cs., Rota, E., Szederjesi, T., Sherlock, E., Brown, G. G., Chin-Han, Ch., Diaz Cosin, D., Fragoso, C., Jamienson, B.G.M., Hong, Y., James, S. W., Paoletti, M. G., Pavlíček, T., Plisko, D., Pop, V. V. and Shen, H.-P., 2019. Description of a new Central African earthworm Petroscolex centenarius gen. et sp. nov. (Crassiclitellata, Eudrilidae), celebrating the 100th birthday of Pietro Omodeo. Zootaxa 4674 (5): 501-508.
Prof. Pietro Omodeo (University of Siena, Italy), the world-renowned earthworm taxonomist and evolutionary biologist, was born in Cefalù, Sicily, Italy on the 27th September, 1919. He celebrates his 100th birthday in 2019 and members of the international community of earthworm taxonomists salute him with Petroscolex centenaries gen. et sp. nov., a new megadrile taxon discovered in 1991 by him but which has not been formally described until now. The many important contributions of Omodeo to oligochaetological research are briefly mentioned.