Abstract 126
Csuzdi, Cs., Pearlson, O., Pavlíček, T., 2017: New Acanthodrilus species from New Caledonia (Clitellata, Megadrili, Acanthodrilidae). Journal of Natural History, 51:31-32, 1899-1912.
A survey to explore the earthworm fauna of New Caledonia was carried out between 14 January 2014 and 2 April 2014. Altogether, 24 earthworm species were recorded, of which eight belong to the native genus Acanthodrilus including four species new to science, Acanthodrilus barrieri>, A. doanus, A. millei and A. ouenghianus spp. nov., raising the number of Acanthodrilus species in New Caledonia to 29. The 16 recorded peregrine species are distributed among five families, namely Benhamiidae (5 spp.), Eudrilidae (1 sp.), Megascolecidae (8 spp.), Moniligastridae (1 sp.) and Rhinodrilidae (1 sp.).