Abstract 122
Pavlíček, T. and Csuzdi, Cs., 2016. Chapter 21: Clitellata: Oligochaeta: Earthworms. In: Sparrow, D. J. & John, E. (Eds.). Pp. 586-599. An Introduction to the Wildlife of Cyprus. Published by Terra Cypria.
Oligochaeta (from Greek ‘oligos’, few, and ‘chaite’, chaeta) and Hirudinea (leeches)are two subclasses of Clitellata. Although represented in Cyprus, subclass Hirudineawill not be discussed in this chapter. The fully developed embryos of Clitellata resemble miniature adults because in comparison with other annelids (the segmented worms), they do not have larval stages in their life-cycle. The subclass Oligochaeta includes different types of terrestrial and aquatic worms including earthworms.