Abstract 122
Szederjesi T., Pavlíček, T. and Csuzdi Cs. (2016) Description of the first endemic earthworm species from Cyprus (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae). Zool. Middle East, 62:158-163.
New earthworm samples from Cyprus are assessed and discussed. A re-evaluation of specimens previously relegated to the Southern Alpine species Perelia nematogena (Rosa, 1903), revealed two independent species: Perelia phoebea (Cognetti, 1913 Cognetti, L. (1913): Escursioni zoologiche del Dr. E. Festa nell’Isola di Rodi V. Oligocheti. Bollettino dei Musei di zoologia ed anatomia comparata della R. Università di Torino, 28, 1–6., described originally from Rhodes Island, (Greece) and an undescribed species Perelia makrisi sp. n. The new species is similar also to the Levantine Pe. galileana Csuzdi & Pavlíček, 2005 and corroborates the hypotheses that the autochthonous earthworm fauna of Cyprus is of Levantine origin.




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