Abstract 120
Szederjesi, T., Pavlíček, T., Latif, R., and Csuzdi, Cs., 2014. Review of the Eisenia muganiensis (Michaelsen, 1910) species group with description of two new species (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae). Zootaxa 3884(3):282-8.
doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.3884.3.7
The Eisenia muganiensis species group is established, consisting of a set of Asian earthworm species characterized by elongate, backward placed clitellum and tubercles: Eisenia malevici Perel, 1962; Eisenia muganiensis (Michaelsen, 1910); Eisenia patriciae Szederjesi, Pavlíček, Coşkun and Csuzdi, 2014 and Eisenia transcaucasica (Perel, 1967). The species are shortly reviewed and furthermore, two new species of the E. muganiensis group are described, E. kontschani sp. nov. from Turkey and E. malekae sp. nov. from Iran.