Abstract 115
Szederjesi T., Pavlíček, T., Csuzdi, Cs. 2013: New data to the earthworm fauna of Israel (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae), Opuscula zoologica. 44:201-209.
Elaborating several smaller earthworm samples collected in different parts of Israel resulted in recording 20 earthworm species including Bimastos parvus (Eisen, 1874) a North American peregrine which represents new record for the country. Three other species; Dendrobaena nevoi Csuzdi and Pavlíček, 1999, Healyella jordanis (Csuzdi & Pavlíček, 1999) and Perelia shams Csuzdi & Pavlíček, 2005 were first recorded after their original descriptions. The present list of lumbricid earthworms recorded for Israel is raised to 28.