Abstract 102
Csuzdi, Cs. and Pavlíček, T. 2011: A new earthworm genus Nouraguesia gen. nov. from French Guiana with description of two new species (Oligochaeta, Glossoscolecidae). Journal of Natural History 45: 1759-1767.
Nouraguesia gen. nov., consisting of three species, is described from Eastern Amazonia. Species belonging to this genus are middle-sized earthworms inhabiting, based on our experience, decomposing tree logs and space filled with detritus between leaf-axils and trunk (e.g. in some palm species). The new genus is morphologically similar to the genus Andiorrhinus, but differs from it by the presence of numerous caeca encircling the intestine in segment 27. The three species belonging to the newly established genus are known from state Amapa in Brazil (N. amaparis (Righi, 1971)); and French Guiana (N. parare sp. nov., N. souadae sp. nov.).